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 PRE-VENT Feeders® Can Help Reduce the Risk of:



Sand Colic

Many horses lift their head when feeding; this causes expensive feed and supplements to drop to the ground. When your horse tries to retrieve the dropped feed from the ground, they often get more than you paid for; worm causing parasites, sand, dirt, gravel, or just an unpleasant mouthful of wood shavings. PRE-VENT Feeders® can help solve this problem. The unique patent pending design helps encourage your horse to eat with his/her head down, which helps you prevent feed and supplement waste and keeps your horse healthy.


For the convenience of humans; many horses have been unintentionally trained to be aggressive eaters. Unsecured feeders, over the fence feeders and corner feeders mounted at unnatural feeding heights all carry the potential to create a choke episode. Choke is the blocking of the esophagus. Choke can be fatal and often becomes chronic from scar tissue created by each choke episode. PRE-VENT Feeders® patent pending design slows down the feeding process and decreases the amount of feed per bite, this helps prevent choke in horses.

Feed Waste

PRE-VENT Feeders® pay for themselves! A recent study* at Texas A&M's Department of Animal Science reported that PRE-VENT Feeders® actually helped prevent feed waste by as much as 25% when compared to other horse feeders on the market. So, when used as recommended, PRE-VENT Feeders® can pay for themselves in terms of saved feed and supplements and THAT is money in your pocket!

Click on the link below for the full report from the Texas A&M study as published by the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science:

Prevent Feeder 2012

The Perfect Size

Choosing the right feeder for your horse is easy! The Original PRE-VENT Feeder® (Large) is an excellent option for larger breed horses and aggressive eaters in indoor or outdoor feeding applications, it installs easily with PRE-VENT Feeder® Hardware packs (see for pricing and availability). The Small PRE-VENT Feeder® is the perfect choice for horses on the go as it stores and stacks with ease; it is also a great fit for barns and stalls with size limitations. Both of our horse feeders can be used in just about any application. PRE-VENT Feeders® are a great tool for your horses health! Buy one today and see for yourself!

*1 year limited warranty and must be installed according to manufacturers and it must be registered with us. Register the warranty by sending an email to


Add Some Color to Your Barn!

The Small  PRE-VENT Feeder ® is available in black (or pink for breast cancer awareness). The Original PRE-VENT Feeder® is available in black  only. The Small PRE-VENT Feeder® will soon be available in a variety of colors.