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I have one, wished I had bought it sooner! Well worth the money. My horse is a rescue and has never lost the food aggression. (He clearly is very well fed, haha) He's a speedy and messy eater. This has helped slow him down and he doesn't loose as much grain on the stall floor. My guy was a little angry at first with not being able to eat as quickly. Now he's calmer and relaxed with each feeding.

-Julie Pennington July 8, 2017

I have one!! Works great!

- Terry Hendrickson July 8, 2017

I use pre-vent feeders for my horse as well and totally love them! My horse Skeeter has several missing teeth and is insulin resistance so he's on special diet of only senior feed. He would eat it so fast and begin to choke and cough. Since I started putting his feed in the pre-vent feeders he has no problems with choking or eating too fast. Hes one happy horse with no tummy aches and I'm a super happy mom. I'm so grateful for pre-vent feeders!

-Marjorie Hahn June 25, 2017

My big warmblood is a vacuum eater and a choke hazard! It slows him down!! And he is a messy eater so he can slop around in his big ole bucket with his big ole head!! Thank you!

-Andi Bruce June 5, 2017

It really works! My Horses both are eating out of these buckets!!

-Anett Miner May 9, 2017

I will admit I was leary to believe these would work, but I was wrong. We are feeding our oldest horse, age probably 25 or more using this feeder. He has always waisted his feed by dropping it outside his stall door. Now he slowly eats it with almost no waste. He is fat and slick. Very much worth the money.

-Sheila Casey April 10, 2017

I like them also.......keeps greedy eaters from choking!

-Susan Rios February 23, 2017

Best feeder on the market.

-Scott Vande Vegte February 21, 2017

Bought one after a $3,000 vet bill 4 years ago at OSU to clear a severe choke. Not one problem since! Wish I had known about these before. But, I'm happy the old girl is going strong, and just saw her 24th birthday! :) Planning to have one in each stall soon.

-Melissa Walters February 25, 2017

You only have to see your horse choke once and you will buy one of these, I'm thankful that my guy hasn't choked since. Highly recommended!

-Lynette Scott March 20, 2017

I have a TB who had choked and he has the larger size feeder. When I purchased mine I didn't know if there was a smaller size but I like this one and it has worked out well.

-Eileen Luke's Baliga March 19, 2017

I bought two of these years ago. It was one of the best thing i ever did. I always have at least one or two horses that have to inhale their food. Which always bought on chocking. With this being said. It makes them slow down. You cannot go wrong on this product.

- Bowers Brenda March 5, 2017