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How It Works

PRE-VENT Feeder’s® patent pending design was specifically created to increase feed time by slowing down the rate at which a horse ingests its feed. The “compartments” or “cups” at the bottom of the feeder help prevent your horse from bolting pellet type feeds, this reduces the risk of choke. Choke is a blocked esophagus, which is very painful for the horse and very expensive for the human.

PRE-VENT Feeders® encourage the horse to keep its head down in a natural feeding position, as the horse must work to get the feed out of each of the compartments with its tongue and lips, one cup at a time. Most horses move from cup to cup when feeding, similar to how they feed on the pasture. Many veterinarians refer to this as “trickle feeding”. The “head-down" position and simulated grazing effect created by PRE-VENT Feeders can increase the amount of saliva produced by the horse, helping to ease digestion in all horses.

PRE-VENT Feeders® help minimize feed waste by encouraging the horse to keep his head-down and his focus on his feed; this minimizes dropped feed, which helps reduce the risk of sand, dirt, and parasite ingestion often leading to sand & parasitic colic. This revolutionary horse feeding system actually helps you put the feed and supplements where they belong, in your horse’s belly.

PRE-VENT Feeders® are made in the USA out of heavy-duty, UV protected polypropylene; so they are extremely durable and they carry a 1 year limited warranty when registered on our "contact" page.

PRE-VENT feeders® were designed to be fastened in the corner of a stall or fastened to a fence post in the pasture or paddock. This will help prevent your horse from tipping the PRE-VENT Feeder® and spilling his/her feed. After several prototypes and many years of studying horse feeding habits; it has been our observation that after the first couple of sessions of feeding with a PRE-VENT Feeder® most horses become accustomed to this new way of feeding and they begin to relax. That’s right; PRE-VENT Feeders slow and even relax some of the most aggressive eaters in the barn!

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